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Round Table Discussion

Tentative Programme

Organized by the National Consortium on SRI (NCS)
January 13, 2012 , Venue: Council for Social Development, Lodhi Road, New Delhi

  • 09:00 Hrs : Welcome by Dr. T. Haque, Director, CSD
  • 09:05 Hrs : Introduction by Dr. Rita Sharma, Secretary to the National Advisory Council
  • 09:10 Hrs : Opening Remarks by Prof. Abhijit Sen, Member, Planning Commission
  • 09:15 Hrs : Special Remarks by Dr. S. Ayyappan, Director General, ICAR
  • 09:25 Hrs : Special Remarks by Dr. H.S. Gupta, Director, IARI
  • 09:35 Hrs : International Experiences on SRI by Dr. Norman Uphoff, Senior Advisor for SRI Rice
  • 09:45 Hrs : NRLM Perspective on Agro-ecological innovations by T. Vijay Kumar, Joint Secretary, MoRD
  • 09:55 Hrs : Experience sharing: SRI Achievements in XI Plan under NFSM and outlook for XII Plan by Mr. Mukesh Khullar, Joint Secretary (Crops) and Mission, Director, NFSM
  • 10:15 Hrs : Update on Current Thinking on SRI across various finitiatives envisaged under the XII Plan by Dr. V.V. Sadamate, Advisor (Agriculture), Planning Commission
  • 10:35 Hrs : National Consortium on SRI by Dr. C. Shambu Prasad, XIMB
  • 11:00 Hrs : Tea break
  • 11:15 Hrs : SRI Experience in upscaling from various states - innovative extension models
      • Andhra Pradesh
      • Bihar
      • Chattisgarh
      • Jharkhand
      • Tamil Nadu
  • 12:00 Hrs : Remarks and Opening Discussions
      • Dr. J.S. Samra, CEO NRRA
      • Dr. Swapan Dutta, DDG, ICAR
      • Dr. N.K. Sanghi, Advisor, WASSAN
      • Dr. T.M. Thiyagarajan, Former Director (CSCMS) and Former Dean, TNAU
  • 12:40 Hrs : SRI in the 12th FYP - Reflections, Prospects and Possibilities
      • Dr. R.B. Singh, Member, Steering Committee, MoA
      • Prof. Abhijit Sen, Member, Planning Commission
  • 13:00 Hrs : Summary Presentation on Key Ideas, Issues Emerging by Dr. Rita Sharma
  • 13:15 Hrs : Future Actions, NCS, Others by A. Ravindra, Director, WASSAN
  • 13:30 Hrs : Lunch and Close